Sonntag, 10. September 2017

Forest walks on sundays are the best.

So, apparently migraine's only there when you can't have a day off. Last week my head tried to kill me, I'm not lying. I decided to take a day off today - and woke up perfectly fine. What is it that everything bad happens when you don't have time for it? It's like "Oooh, look at her, life's stressful, let's make it even WORSE" and then you can't open your eyes to light no longer. Thanks, migraine. That's what I need.

But! Let's not talk about the bad stuff anymore. I wanted to show you guys what I've been up to before the pain kicked in:

First of all, we wanted to make our little snail shell (that's what we call our apartment) more comfy and welcoming, so I ordered some prints of the photographies we've taken. They turned out quite nice and look even better on our walls in the hall.
I have also found out that autumn has officially begun: The pumpkins are EVERYWHERE. We made the first pumpkin soup this year and I couldn't resist taking photos of the amounts of pumpkin that lie around in our village.
Aren't these colours just gorgeous? Pumpkin time is the best time.
Speaking of best times, we had a great day today. Since I felt a lot better this morning, we decided to go out and visit our dear friends. We saw lynx and deer and a lot of beautiful nature - it always calms me down so much.
Forest life is so beautiful in all its unique ways - tomorrow I'll go out again and try to capture them better. Lately I feel the strong need to be out a lot and to enhance my photography - it's kind of a little project, let's see where it ends.

may the flowers remind us 
why the rain was so necessary.
Xan Oku

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