Dienstag, 5. September 2017

I skogen

Last weekend I packed my camera bag, grabbed my man and went off to the forest. I felt so lucky as I recognised the first signs of autumn in the air, so I just had to go out and look for shrooms, fallen leaves and pinecones. We were a bit too early, but nevertheless saw the change in nature.

I love how everything gets a bit darker in autumn; not like a "bad" dark - a softer, warmer darkness that reminds you of early nights, cosy blankets and a lot of tea. The time's just perfect for lighting candles, reading books and spending hours and hours striving through the woods.
So this is what I'm about to do for the rest of september - (and maybe posting some apartment updates, we'll see) - reading books and wandering around. I think about writing some book recommondations, there's a whole bunch of books next to my bed that deserve more attention. Maybe that's something you would like to read?

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