Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Autumn Colours

So, I went to the Black Forest today, to my favourite little place deep in the woods. The wild lake was as beautiful and calm as always, the trees as comforting and magical as I remember them. I walked along the wooden path that led me to the lake, I followed earthy trails through the fir forest with all its little coloured speckles where broadleaved trees are growing. The air felt cold and fresh, first signs of winter breezes were to be remarked.
Autumn wears on, it won't take too long until every tree will be covered in snow and lie in silent peace.

Just a few hours are left until I am going to drive back to my home. This is what I will take with me: Memories of a silent, peaceful forest, with rain dropping from trees and soft, mossy grounds. A cleansed mind and an open sight of which way I want to follow.
Thank you again, dear forest, for showing me peace of mind.

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