Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

Little reminder that there's wonderful music out there.

Right now I'm at my mother's home in the Black Forest and "catsitting" her cat while she's on holiday. I met some old (and very old) friends yesterday and today and tomorrow I am going to visit the most beautiful place in the whole forest - a wonderful moor, so full of magic and silence and peace. Between old birch trees and mossy grounds there lies a wild lake (which is acutally called "wild lake"), with nothing around than wide nature. Every time I'm here I make some time up for my visit there, it is just necessary. Both my body and my mind need that forest so badly; the calmness arouses my creativity, the air refreshes my lungs. I always have the feeling that being in that forest opens my eyes, it can let me see straight and forward to where I need to go.

While I love being in forests without any disturbance (that includes music), the driving there is a time for new discoveries. For tomorrow, I have the following bands on my list:
  • Osi and the Jupiter - Uthuling Hyl 
  • Schammasch - Triangle (especially "Above the Stars of God", this song is pure gold)
I am also very looking forward to my man's music. He has just begun again to write some and, like, "play around" a little to see to where it leads him, but it already sounded so brilliant. I don't know how all of this works, how one can write music and actually knows what is happening.
I so wish he'd be here with me. That he could see the magic of the forest, feel the cold and fresh air, experience wandering under dark fir trees and listen to the birds singing their goodbyes to the summer.
Oh, how do I long to get there. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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