Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017

Sedlec Ossuary & Prague - 365 days with you.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I had our first anniversary. It's kind of the perfect chance to visit Prague again, isn't it? We spent a lot of time in Prague last year - our first holiday together (after eight days in our relationship, yes.), easter and, well, the last two days.
We drove directly to Kutná Hora and re-visited the well-known Kostnice Sedlec (Sedlec Ossuary), where we spent our first trip together. This church is just the most amazing thing I have ever seen -  if you should ever have the chance to see it, go! We're still so stunned by the whole surrounding; it drives me literally crazy that we can't visit it every day. But! This time I took my camera with me (forgot it the last time...) and actually took some pictures.

Isn't this just beautiful? So morbid, but so very beautiful. They're even digging out more and more bones around the chapel, there are just so many! That chandelier alone contains every single bone from the human body. Absolutely fascinating.

After returning to Prague (and checking-in in a wonderful hotel) we got ourselves tickets to a little classical concert in an old church - with compositions from Bach, Händel, Schubert, Pachelbel, Vivaldi and more. It was breathtaking. The soprano could fill the whole church with just one tone - you could literally feel it everywhere. I am so glad we took the chance and saw that concert, it made up our entire evening.
Later that night we got drunk and kind of lost on the way back to the hotel, but it was fine, we eventually found the right metro to bring us back to where we were supposed to sleep: King-size boxspring bed with the greatest sheets. Oh my, I wish we could have taken them with us. :(

Unfortunately, the weather today was as bad as it could be. Pouring rain, cold, just uncomfortable in every way possible. We decided to drive back to our home and snuggle up on the sofa. Later we went outside a little and took the cameras with us - a very nice evening to a great anniversary.

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